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Nominate a Deserving Person

Nominate a Deserving Person

Poke My Heart is looking for people who always put the needs of others before their own. This could be a selfless single parent, a teacher who goes above and beyond to help their students, or a member of your community who has made a big difference in someone’s life. If so, we want to hear about them!

Do You Want Poke My Heart to Make Your Dream Come True?

Poke My Heart to make you dream come true

Poke My Heart wants to help make dreams come true! Do you know someone who has recently lost their job and needs a pick me up? Do you need help paying for your dream wedding or family vacation? We’ll try to help!

Los Angeles: Do You Know An Inspiring Person?

Do you know an inspiring person?

Do you know an inspiring kid/adult whose changing the world? Tell us about them!

Dear Poke My Heart

Dear Poke My Heart

Have a question, comment, or suggestion for Poke My Heart? If so, write us!